mercredi 15 avril 2015

How to be confident but comfy on a girls night out

Girls night out? 

Okay, so I can see you staring at your closet and and saying to yourself: "I have nothing to wear... How am I going to do?"

That's typically how I react when I have to go on a night out. I want to be comfy in the clothes that I am wearing but also stylish at the same time.

This is the outfit I wore last friday night for a drink in town with my friend :)

Number one tip: Don't wear clothes that you don't really like. It may sound absolutely stupid to mentioned but how many times have you wore an item that you just bought and you you'd love and realized that it was awful 1hour later. It's the type of things that makes you uncomfortable and not confident at all!

Number two: You have to wear shoes that you know you can wear all night long. You never know how it cans turned out. New shoes, you can forget.. trust me. These shoes are really great because they have a little cushion inside that prevent from your feet to hurt. It's magical haha. 

Number three: Don't try to look like your another girl. You're style is your style doesn't matter if you're more a classic girl or a goth. What I'm trying to tell you is that you don't have to be dressed to impressed other people, dress to impress yourself. Wear want you want to wear! It's really important. I know that my style is on the rockfish side. I always have a leather jacket, spikes, or anything like it. This time I've chosen some ripped jeans. They are my favs', And I think that the look "denim on denim" is pretty cool. 

And finally: Have an amazing night with your friends! and don't drink too much haha. We know how it's going to end ;)

Have a nice day beautiful people!



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  1. Such a gorgeous look!!! Beautiful - love the shoes as they just add that touch of colour! :)

    Layla xx

  2. yes, it is perfect tips. I thinks confidants is the main key of success. I have read your full article. You wrote a nice and helpful tips. Thanks for great sharing.
    how to be confident


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