vendredi 6 mars 2015

Windy day

OMG today was the worst day ever to wear a skirt and guess who did it? Yeah you're right.... ME!

Okay, I think I'm cursed..... Every time I'm planning a shoot for the blog the weather is awfull! When it's not rainning, it's snowing or super duper windy as today. Fortunately the sun was out to help me a bit. I can tell you that wearing a skirt is not that easy and I had to hold it pretty much ALL the time if I didn't want to flash everybody with my bum cheeks hahaha

Anyway.... I bought the skirt and the cropped jumper last saturday when I was out and about in a city near by.
In my opinion this city have the best H&M and I always found something that please me. And this time I was running to the new spring section which is AWESOME! Honestly there's some really good stuff at the moment and what's even better.... At a reasonable price. 

So if you don't want to splurge on spring/summer clothes, definitely go check your local H&M and you might find some treasure :)

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and that your week-end will be even better!

See you soon with another article and don't forget to follow me on social media for regular updates!

Xx Flo

Skirt H&M 
Jumper H&M 
Leather jacket All saints
Shoes Dr Martens
Bag Zara


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